Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Summer Oil SPF30

I have been using Clarins SPF body oils for years but thought it was time for a change so I’ve got myself Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Summer Oil SPF30 150ml.

I have been using quite a lot of Decleor products, and loved all of them. This SPF oil is not an exception.

Packaging and Scent

First of all, it comes in bright and cheerful fuchsia packaging.  Besides the packaging, it smells absolutely divine. If I am completely honest,   “monoi” scent is what sold it to me, as I am a big fan.

The scent of sun care products can be a hit or miss. As you can guess, I personally love how Decleor Aroma Sun Expert Oil smells ! I find that it is not too intense but rather delicate and not too “synthetic”.  I have also [forced] asked some of my family members to smell it for a second opinion, and no one not liked it. So there you have it.

Texture and Formula

As for the texture, it is rather nice. But please bare in mind that I have very dry skin and always opt for a body oil. I do have creams, as well. But an oil is my go-to. The formula doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. And you’ve got to love the sheen it gives you, nothing beats that, if you ask me.

When it comes to performance, I am quite happy, too.  Not like I have tested it on a Spanish beach but a British garden has to count, as well, right? And, obviously, I was not roasting in the sun for hours and hours.  And would not recommend it to anyone!

On top of it all, this oil can be also used on hair. I have not tried it  yet but I may when I am at the beach next time. Bring it on, Summer!

Finally, here is a list of the ingredients:

I’ve bought mine from Escentuals  as they had a good discount. Besides the oil, they also stock Decleor Aloe Vera Sun Bi-Phase Oil SPF30 200ml which sounds nice, as well.

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