Dior Addict Lipstick: Doll Style, Glam Icon Style and Rock Icon Style

Although I already wrote about this lipstick I though I’d give you a more detailed information. I absolutely love the promo image and video, the campaign, all the ideas and the lipstick itself (review coming soon).

Here is what is written about the  lipstick:

“This trend-setting collection offers a variety of options for the woman who is not afraid to experiment. The ultra-hydrating formula creates a veil of luminous shine and vibrant color in a single sweep. The key ingredient, Mirror Jelly, brings shine, volume and hydration to the lips. This unique ingredient is made up of two components: polymers that provide a long-lasting, second-skin effect with exceptional hydrating and softening properties and silicone oil, which creates a light, smooth texture. In addition, a significantly lower level of wax, 25% less than a standard lipstick, creates a light-reflecting, voluminous effect.”

As you may know, all lipsticks are divided into 3 groups and although I can see myself in a Rock Style definitely, I love the shades from the Doll Style.

Doll Style.

Subtly ethereal. Divine sensual. Pearls mixed with leather and soft metal. Nude tones and shades of pink look amazing with a hint of light on the lips.

The shades: #249 Diorissime(sheer soft coral), #253 Basic (pink nude), #260 Rose Deshabille(sheer shimmering pink), #322 Beige Perfection(nude), #333 Nude(nude beige), #343 Miss Dior(nude pink), #465 Singuliere(sheer bubblegum pink), #525 Vintage(brown), #535 Tailleur Bar(nude), #554 It Pink(sheer strawberry pink), #561 Baby Rose (baby pink), #564 Model(sheer warm pink), #583 Backstage(sheer plum), #612 Spotlight(sheer plum brown) .

Glam Icon Style

Leather, Lace and Fur Brim with  joy in the world of glamour. The strong colour on the lips, either plum, brown or red is  centerpiece of the look.

The shades #680 Millie(sheer mauve), #712 Beige Dandy(cutting-edge brown), #745 NewLook (warm red shimmer), #753 Fashion(sensual red), #783 Londres(plum pink), #797 Stiletto(deep red), #821 Smoky(brown burgundy), #864 Couture (sheer hot pink), #865 Collection(fuchsia), #872 Arty(nouvelle vogue plum), #881 Fashion Week(plum), #963 Red Carpet(deep red), #972 Rose Shocking(sparkling fuchsia), #983 Insoumise(shimmering plum), #991 Perfecto (plum).

Rock  Icon Style

Skyscraper heels, oversized sunglasses and sexy jewelery in all shades of black, set alight but a cool, clever and tinted kiss.

The Shades #353 Blush(light pink) , #445 Createur(rosewood), #530 Bobo(pinkish coral), #578 DiorKiss(sensual simple pink, Kate is wearing this shade), #579 Must-Have(subtle reddish pink), #621 Granville(rosewood with mauve), #623 Beige Mondaine(beige), #624 Feline, #626 Androgyne(beige), #681 Icone, #750 Rock’n Roll(delectable red), #762 Paris(hot pink shimmer) , #763 Reflet (glimmering pink), #773 Rouge Podium(bold red), #778 Show.

And here is the beautiful video with the gorgeous Kate, absolutely love it and love the atmosphere in it.


And what style do you like? What shades of the lipstick?

6 thoughts on “Dior Addict Lipstick: Doll Style, Glam Icon Style and Rock Icon Style”

  1. Love this TV ad!
    The only one I own right now is IT Pink, which on me looks a lot like the one Kate’s wearing in the ad – but I love the formula so much that I’ll probably get more soon! I guess I’ll pick colors along the lines of fuchsia, orange and red since these are my favorite shades.

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