Dior Blue Tie Makeup Collection for Fall 2011. Want It

It looks like dark navy blue will be a big trend this Fall. I actually like it as I love navy blue on myself ( I have brown eyes) and it looks great on a lot of people if you use the right shade.

I have to  say that I really love this new Blue Tie Dior Makeup collection for Fall 2011.

The star products of the collection are definitely the two gorgeous palettes  with four eye shadows and one lip gloss in a chic metallic compact.

Dior Blue Tie Palette

  • Smoking Blue 001
  • Smoking White 002

But I am personally totally in love with these 3 Couleurs Smoky  palettes

  • Smoky Black 091
  • Smoky Navy 291

DiorShow Liner Waterproof

  • Carbon 098
  • Navy 178, want it

Rouge Dior Lip Color

  • Angelique Beige 314
  • Pisanelle Pink 428
  • Tourbillon Pink 651
  • Allegro Pink 741


Serum de Rouge Crystal Luminous Color Lip Treatment SPF 20, want them all!

  • Primrose Crystal 215 (in the tube)
  • Tea Rose Crystal 455
  • Coral Crystal 345
  • Sweet Pink Crystal 645
  • Passionate Pink Crystal 675
  • Carmine Crystal 855


Diorblush Glowing Color Powder Blush

  • Vintage Rose 839
  • Pink In Love 889

Vernis Nail Laquer

  • Safari Beige
  • Denim Blue
  • Tuxedo

To tell the truth, I want pretty much everything from this collection! Everything is simply gorgeous. Well done, Dior.

8 thoughts on “Dior Blue Tie Makeup Collection for Fall 2011. Want It”

  1. I must say that Dior has really out done themselves with this collection. I visited my nearby Dior county last week in order to get a first look at the fall collection. I swatched the colors of the shadows and saw the elegance of the packaging of the products and I was blown away. The packaging of the main item, which is the Blue Tie Palette, is super elegant and exquisite. You can really tell right away that this product is just to die for. Once held, the palette is quite heavy. Right there you can see that the quality of the item is seen in every detail. The compact is, of course silver, but the detail is just beautiful. The colors are really pigmented and I absolutely love how there’s a secret lid that lifts up to reveal the lip gloss. This collection, being Dior and all, is quite pricey but if you ladies want to indulge yourselves now and then, I do recommend that you buy at least one of the items from this collection. Its quite impressive and you definately get what you pay for with the Dior line of products.

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