Dior Croisette Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

I am loving the Dior Summer 2012 makeup which is called Croisette. Especially the turquoise shades for eyes and nails (the model’s makeup looks gorgeous)  and the new gel eye shadows. The lip balms also look nice! And there is a great variety of bronzing powders, too.

5 Couleurs Croisette Edition (Limited Edition),  £41.00

  • Swimming Pool: aquatic pastels, with a splash of freshness to illuminate the eyes: ultramarine, sky blue, turquoise, pearl grey and bikini pink. The shimmering sparkle of the water is within hands reach.
  • Aurora: visits the ochre of Mediterranean lands, with golden brown, sunny orange, sand and golden yellow to add intense warmth to the eyes.

Couleur Eye Gloss (Limited Edition), £20

Water resistant gel eye shadows.

  • 020 Seashell
  • 750 Sunset
  • 240 Azur
  • 560 Tan

Diorshow Waterproof Liner (Limited Edition), £18
  • 258 Turquoise

Vernis Croisette Collection Nail Lacquer (LE), £18

  • Saint Tropez: Spotlight on the sea, an aquatic turquoise to wear at the poolside.
  • Bikini: Spotlight on sunlight, a modern, fresh and glamorous coral.

Addict Vernis Croisette Collection Lipstick, £24

  • 354  Palace
  • 544 JetSet
  • 414 Casual Gold

Addict Vernis Croisette Collection Ultra Gloss, £21

  • 224 Gold Sunrise (LE)
  • 464 Rose  Croisette
  • 542 Orange Pareo (LE)
  • 432 Brown Panama

Dior Addict Lip Balm (Limited Edition),£22

  • 001 Crystal: Neutral, wear on its own or under a lipstick or gloss
  • 002 Crystal Pink: Wet shine with a wash of sheer pink
  • 003 Crystal Coral: Wet shine with a hint of warm coral
Diorskin Nude Tan Nude Glow Sun Powder, £34

For summer: Amber 002, Spicy 004 and Sienna 006

For all year: Honey 001, Cinnamon 003 and Toffee 005

Diorskin Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder, £37

For summer: Sunlight 002 and Sunset 004

Products are available from 14th May. As far as I know, the collection is already available in the US.

8 thoughts on “Dior Croisette Makeup Collection for Summer 2012”

  1. 14th May? You guys get it quite late! Here in Belgium it’ll be out in a week. It’s not a bad thing though. You get to see many swatches and reviews before you make up your mind!

    I’m really digging Aurora. I’ve never tried orange on my eyes, but I think this one shade will spice things up SO much and make it a fun and versatile palette! You’re right about the liner too. I might HAVE to try that turquoise on my lower lash line 🙂

    1. I actually like those two products a lot myself, Sunny.
      As for the date, I think it will launch sooner in some shops, that’s the launch Nationwide.

  2. here in Holland the collection has launched as well. I got swimming pool, the eyeliner, 3 eyeglosses and the nailpolishes everything is so beautiful together I could not choose, my poor wallet but it makes you happy to look at the beautiful products and hope that summer comes quickly! Thanks for posting look foward to reading some reviews?

      1. Yes I do you can use them as a base to intensifiy the colours but I like using them on top to give some more shimmering in the sunlight. I got tan, azur and sunset. Fun products some new! Let me know what you are going to get and i hope to get to read a review!

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