Dior Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 + Promo Photos

You could already see some photos from Dior Fall 2010 makeup collection but here are more photos.

You know, when I think about makeup by Dior makeup the first thing I can think about is purple because often we see this shade in Dior’s makeup collections (Just take a look at Dior Fall 2009 for e.g.).

This collection is also based on purple tones.

Here is the promo image of the collection:

Collection includes:

2 Colors Edition Collector – this is a star product of the collection which is a product that includes black and silver shadows with Dior logo

  • # 5 Colors eyeshadow palette in 844 Misty Mauve
  • # 5 Colors Designer palette in 808 Pink Design

New shades of Sérum de Rouge

New shades of Dior Addict lipsticks

New shades of Dior Addict Ultra Glosses and Lip Maximizer

  • Mascara Diorshow 360 –which is not really a vibrating mascara, it’s a “swirling” mascara
  • Mascara Base – Diorshow Maximizer

So what do you think? Anything you would like to try? If you love purple, lilac and pink – you should really check out this collection!

13 thoughts on “Dior Makeup Collection for Fall 2010 + Promo Photos”

  1. Yes! My kind of colors….will definitely check out the eye palettes. But I notice that Dior has been coming out with lots of purples lately. 🙂

  2. Judging from the promo pics of Chanel and Dior’s collections for Fall 2010, misty smoldering eyes are going to be the big look for fall. For the eyes, I’m going with Chanel’s Enigma, but for the lips, I want to check out those new lip serums. The colors are beautiful and the formula is kind to my super dry lips.

  3. I’m currently on the Lancôme Mascara Base but people have been suggesting Shiseido, and now this gem is coming up. I can’t wait for the reviews. Dang, Misty Mauve is a (wallet) killer!

    What is that varnish colour, I wonder?

    Great blush on the model!

    1. Hi, Eta
      I also have that Lancome Base but always forget to use it 🙂
      There will be some nail polishes but I don’t have the info yet.

  4. I am a new lover of Dior makeup. I just recently gave it a try and now it is on my top 10 list! I love the shadod palette, i think that I will have to get the misty mauve- it looks amazing for fall. The lipsticks and lip glosses look like winners too!!

    Great post!

  5. Just got my first Dior lipstick and it’s just beautiful, from the feel to the colour, can’t go wrong, I used to wear a chanel lipstick but they stopped that line now i’ve changed to Dior and won’t go back even my 14 year old daughter wears Dior lip gloss.

  6. hi im georgia and im 10 i love your makeup i have got a big bag of it i put it on every day it goses on so easy i love i am a new wearer of dior makeup its on my top 10 list

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