Dior Rouges Or Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011

Dior holiday 2011 makeup collection is all about the lips and the eyes. And it is all about the gold and beautiful jewel toned shades.

Jean Cocteau once said: “Dior, this airy genius of our times whose magical name includes that of God (Dieu) and Gold (or)

The fascination with gold is inherent in the brand DNA, and did not end with the passing of Monsieur Dior, but has continued over the decades.  Just think about J’Adore Dior video with Charlize Theron for example.

And now for this collection Tyen, Creative Director for Dior make-up for 30 years, created the sublime Dior lipsticks which are a unique combination of colour infused pigments with a gold light which makes lips and nails radiate.

Rouge Dior Les Rouges Or £22.50

There are seven limited edition shades. All lipsticks contain ultra- fine golden powder melts on the lips, the finish is sheer and has a plumping hydration of all Rouge Dior Lipsticks.

217 Or Etoilé, 451 Cinderella, 527 Versailles,747 Victorine, 777 Fantasque, 758 Constellation, 841 Belle de Nuit, 961 Nocturne.

The last three shades are not shown.

Dior Vernis Haute Couleur Extreme Wear Nail Lacquer, £17.50

There are three beautiful jewel shades and a gold shade which can also be used to “perfectly set off the Bordeaux and Garnet shades of this season’s wardrobe.”

221 Or Divin, 611 Exquis, 651 Merveille, 871 Apparat

Collection will be available from 31st October Nationwide.

By the way, you can see swatches of the collection over at Fruity  Lashes.

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  1. I’ve been waiting to see this collection for a while. Marina, can you fix the borken link of the first photo? Thanks!

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