Dior Gris Montaigne Spring 2011 Makeup Collection

Just as the Gris City nail polish collection by Dior their Spring 2011 makeup collection is inspired by grey colour. As Tyen himself says : “Grey is the color of the eternal”.

Grey and pink are the colurs from Dior’s childhood, a small town located in Normandy so this is the reason why collection has a lot of grey and pink shades in it. This collection was also inspired by the first boutique of Christian Dior on Avenue Montaigne which was designed in pink and grey.

So the main colours of this collection are the elegant pink and the “Avenue Montaigne” grey.

This collection includes:

Serum de Rouge Lip Treatment

  • Pink Coral Serum # 240
  • Pinky Mauve Serum # 460

Addict Ultra Gloss

  • Pink Veil # 654
  • Trianon Silver # 707

Rouge Dior Lip Color

  • Spring Pink # 540
  • Chic Pink # 658

  • Dior  Dior 5-Colour Designer Eye Palette in Soft Pink Design #018
  • Dior   5-Colour Eyeshadow in Gris-Gris #034
  • Dior Cannage Palette # in Whisper Grey andDawn Grey

  • Mascara Diorshow 360 – which is not really a vibrating mascara, it’s a “swirling” mascara. # 090
  • Dior Eyeliner Pencil #077 in  Smoky Grey
  • Dior One-Colour Eyeshadow,  Graphic Grey #53
  • Colour moist powder SPF 8 in # 001, 002, 003
  • Dior Vernis Nail Enamel #108 and Gris Montaigne #707

Although after winter I will probably want bright juicy colours I love this collection because I do love grey. I will take a look at several products and I am very curious about the grey lip gloss. I also like the makeup from the promo photo, simple and elegant!

And what do you think? Do you like this “grey” collection?  Which is your favourite Spring 2011 makeup collection so far?

Original images from iswii.net

7 thoughts on “Dior Gris Montaigne Spring 2011 Makeup Collection”

  1. I agree with amy.. Those quads look gorgeous, as well as the grey nail polish. I agree it not being a very springy collection, but I really love grey and pink together, so I’m in.

  2. Pink and gray is such a classic color combination be it in clothing, interior decorating, or make-up. Because there are so many pinks and grays of both the warm and cool variety, most people should be able to find a flattering combination that looks ultra feminine. Is this a spring look? Not in my part of the world (Southern California–flip flop land!), but it’s beautiful none the less.

    1. Hi, Eileen (Nice to see you)
      Yes, it’s the look from the Spring collection. My best friend moved to California,and as for myself I am wearing winter boots already, we have lot of snow 🙂

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