Dior Tailleur Bar Set for Holiday 2010

This beautiful Tailleur Bar Set is a must have for collectors and those who love vintage design.

A limited-edition coffret set containing a hand-pressed eyeshadow palette embossed with Dior’s iconic new look woman and Serum de Rouge shade. Each set is individually numbered and cased in a white pebbled couture box.

Get yours at Neiman Marcus for $90

6 responses to “Dior Tailleur Bar Set for Holiday 2010”

  1. I like the eyeshadow palette, I have the I love Dior one from last year (?) and it’s pretty nice. I have used it once or twice, but I’m not sure it was worth the money to be honest.

  2. This is not only a beautiful make up pallette, but also a work of art! It’s so elegant and sophisticated, just like the lady in the compact. I love it!

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