DiorShow Unlimited Mascara. Review and Photos

Holidays are almost here and I am sure that you all want to look fabulous. So this week I will tell you about some of my favourite products. I’d say Holy Grail products. Today I will tell you about my favourite mascara of all times! DiorShow Unlimited Mascara.

diorshow unlimited mascara

DiorShow Unlimited Mascara, £20.00

What it is:

Dior’s cult-fave mascara formulated with an ultra-stretch texture that provides unsurpassed, backstage results.

What it is formulated to do:

Lengthens and curves as it adds suppleness and staying power. The double-side brush provides professional application.

My opinion:

All DiorShow Mascaras are great but Unlimited is my absolute favourite. This mascara lengthens and curves the lashes. Unfortunatelly I am not lucky enough to have my own long lashes so this mascara helps a lot. It makes my lashes look amazing!

I love absolutely everything about it! Everything is perfect: the brush, the formulation, the design and the result this mascara gives you. It stays on till the late evening. The only minus is that it smudges a bit  because of tears, rain or snow when you touch your eyes. But it is not a waterproof mascara so that is ok.

I  am rarely 100% pleased with the products but this time I can’t tell you enough how much I am in love with this magical product. I highly recommend it to everyone! Perfect mascara to create long sexy curly lashes!

Do you share my feelings or you have some other HG mascara? I’ve tried a lot of mascaras but I always come back to this one. Now I want to try the new mascara from DiorShow family and mascara Singulier by YSL. If you tried them I’d love to hear your opinion!


This is how mascara looks like. I love the design and especially I love the brush. One of the best brushes!


This is how the brush looks like

DiorShow Unlimited is available in 3 colours:

  1. Black 090 (rich black)
  2. Chestnut 698 (warm brown)
  3. Azure Blue 258 (royal blue)



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