Do You Invest In a High End Deodorant?

I have started working out regularly. Plus it’s summer… So I’ve started thinking if it is worth investing in a more expensive deodorant.

I have been using Sure/ Rexona for years now and it never failed me. But maybe it is time to try something different?! I’d probably go for Clarins or Malin + Goetz.

I have asked your opinion on Twitter and turned out that other people don’t really know it, too . I’ll probably have to read more about this topic.

And what is your opinion? What deodorant do you use? Would you get an expensive one? What is the big difference? My guess is the ingredients.

4 thoughts on “Do You Invest In a High End Deodorant?”

  1. I have used many deodorants since about 10 years ago and I have tried a lot the best ones are Toms of Maine (I use Calendula) and I also like LaVanilla vanilla and Lavender (It’s about 20 dlls but they sell a travel size for 9 dlls) I have also heard that the deodorant at the body shop is really good.
    I completely agree that you should wear deodorant and not antiperspirant.

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