Do You Use Eyelash Curlers?

So today the questions is : ” Do you use Eyelash Curlers”? Do you see any results? Why did you start using them? What brand do you use?

I know that the best eyelash curlers are by shu uemura ($19 in USA). Do you have those? Now I think about buying it for myself. I can see that almost all Make-up Artists use them and they say it’s a miracle what they do with the lashes.

The reason why I still don’t have them?! I have some  cheap eyelash curlers (got them for about 5 Euros) and they don’t do anything or at least I don’t see any results. So I am hesitating about getting shue’s.  Do you think that eyelash curler is an essential  item  or just a waste of money?

18 thoughts on “Do You Use Eyelash Curlers?”

  1. I used to LIVE FOR eyelash curlers, but I stopped using it ever since I started with Lilash. My lashes are so long that they curl on their own now. Which is unbelievable because my lashes hardly got a curl even with an eyelash curler!
    I have the Shu Uemura that I really like.
    I try to get everyone to use a lash curler though, because it makes the world of difference on your eyes and face!
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  2. I don’t use eyelash curler by myself. Firstly, I am afraid of pinching my lids. 2nd, my lashes are quite short, so I have resigned to that fact. Just put on extra mascara and hold the wand to my lashes while it dries and it will give my lashes a slight lift.

    Of course, when I have a makeover, I have no problem letting makeup artists curl my lashes with a curler. But then, I do get panic sometimes.
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    1. Vonvon, read my reply to Lucy, maybe you should also try something like that. It WORKS! I was amazed by the results. And yes, some mascaras work amazing!

      1. I tried Tsuya-Tsuya Lash serum in January, and while it didn’t help to lengthen my lashes, I notice that my lashes are more and fuller. I also see some baby lashes appearing on my lids.

        then, I got hold of L’oreal Lash Renewal Serum which I am currently using…..I wouldn’t say it lengthens as it’s not the main purpose, but the same with Tsuya-Tsuya’s, I just notice more lashes are growing out.

        Speaking of which, I better go write my follow-up post on the Tsuya-Tsuya serum soon….:)
        .-= Vonvon´s last blog ..Review & EOTD: Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Eye Pencil #04 Black Plum =-.

  3. I have some cheap ones that do a good job but to be honest most of the time you can get the same effect by just using a really good mascara. I only use mine when I don’t want to apply mascara to give them a bit of curl. I wouldn’t bother buying expensive curlers if you want some you can get cheap ones that work well.

  4. I very rarely use an eyelash curler, but when I do, I use a Shu because the shape fits the contour of my lid. I have long, dark lashes and I find that a good mascara will give them just enough lift to brighten my eyes by eliminating the shadow that lashes cast.

  5. I have a cheap curler, and it works very good for me, but I would love to own a good one. I have long but very straight lashes, so I have to use the curler. I have also seen the shu uemura on tutorials that I watch and I’m impressed, so I’m planing to buy it someday, maybe…cause It’s a bit too expensive for me…. I have long lashes

  6. And also: where can I buy Lilash? I’m from Croatia so we don’t have it on the market. Maybe on the internet?

    1. I am sure that you can get it from Ebay or Amazon.Check out the websites of RevitaLash and LiLash, maybe they ship to Croatia. But such products are expensive, usually $100-$150. I got mine for £ 90.

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