Edward Bess is Launching at Zuneta This Month

Guess what brand is coming to Zuneta this month?! Edward Bess!!! I am sure that  there are a lot of people who are excited  about this.

Now you can get 2 hard-to-find brands at one amazing ( read my opinion about zuneta ) on-line shop!  Rouge Bunny Rouge and Edward Bess!

Also  5 lucky customers have a chance to join Zuneta for an EB launch. Read details at Zuneta.

4 thoughts on “Edward Bess is Launching at Zuneta This Month”

  1. You will absolutely love the Edward Bess line. He doesn’t offer a large variety of shades and colors, but what he does offer is well thought out and absolute perfection: well balanced complex colors, sublime textures, and a formula that wears as well as the very best of them. He’s not about trotting out a new look every month or so (here’s looking at you MAC). He’s more about elegance and timeless beauty.

    1. Love how you described it, Eileen! I heard so many good things about EB but it’s hard to get it here so I am waiting for this launch 🙂

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