Elemis Exotic Eau de Parfum Review

I totally love Elemis exotic line and my favourite products are : Exotic Frangipani Monoi Moisture Melt and Exotic Lime and Ginger Salt Glow. I’ve also tried Elemis Exotic Island Flower Body Balm and I think it’s a nice body lotion.

The newest product from Elemis Exotic line is their Exotic Eau de Parfum which is already available for £35.

This is what is written about it:

“Elemis Exotic is an intoxicating blend of warming and spicy Sri Lankan Cinnamon Bark, Pink Pepper and Clove Bud Oil from the Comores Isles that is chased beautifully by the floral heart of night time blooms of Ylang Ylang, fresh whiteness of Indian Jasmine Sambac and precious Tuberose. As the fragrance evolves, it deepens and darkens into the base notes, the notes that linger and are a fixative. The warm, woody fusion of Frankinscense, mysterious Somali Incense, centred with Cedarwood grown in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco and finally the finishing touch of Sandalwood. A vital part of the Elemis Eau De Parfum Exotic experience is that it takes you on a journey via your senses. Close your eyes and in one deep, shoulder-loosening breath, a host of exotic notes transport you to a faraway place. The spiciness of the top note, floral of the heart note and the accord of that final warm experience, An extension of you.”

My thoughts

I really loved the packaging and the purple pouch that comes with the perfume. As for the perfume I was hoping for something similar to the monoi melt but it is not. I’d describe Exotic Eau de Parfum as classic oriental scent. I personally would not wear it at a daytime but I know a lot of people who would. For me it’s a perfect perfume for the evening out in Fall.

I did a little experiment and asked women I know from different age groups to tell their opinion. I’ve noticed that most of the time women aged 35-45 loved this perfume the best. But some young girls also loved it.

I should also mention that it stays on for a long time so be sure that you don’t use too much. This means that you will have your 30ml for a long time. Anyway, I would recommend you trying this perfume if you like oriental scents!

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