Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment Review

There are a lot of debates on whether to use eye creams or not and if so when to start.  I personally use eye cream but not religiously and I have  started several years ago (I am in my mid twenties).  The reason for that is my dry skin which really needs  to be hydrated and moisturized in such a delicate area as my skin type is prone to early fine lines.

I have been using  Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment for about two months now so I am ready to tell you my opinion.

Because of my age, I can’t report about any drastic improvements, as I obviously don’t have very noticeable wrinkles or fine lines just yet. But I did notice amazing results because of using this treatment. The skin around the eyes  feels hydrated and moisturized without any heavy or oily/greasy feeling. This Elemis product absorbs quickly without overloading the skin.

I even think that it helps with the puffiness.

This is definitely a great product to try. I have used other Elemis eye products (mask and cream) but I love this one the best.

The price is £39 but it is effective and it will last you for months.

And here is the newest addition to ‘Elemis family’, Elemis Pro-Intense Lift Effect, £55.

‘This independently clinically trialled breakthrough formula proved a significant remodelling effect in cheek sagging in 63% of women. Improvement was seen after just 28 days which became significant at 56 days. Its unique bio-complex of high-tech nature and plant stem cells help improve tone and texture, giving the appearance of a firmer jawline and taut cheeks.’


  1. I’m looking for an eye serum for myself, but everything seems to be too thick for my age too. Anti-age is about taking care of yourself, so it shouldn’t matter when you starting.. I believe prevention is the key, it’s much easier to prevent than to cure 😉 I love anything that got the word “collagen” nowadays lol, so I’ll check this out!


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