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Elemis Pro-Collagen Body Cream Review and Photos

A lot of people  have asked me for some body creams reviews as I have very dry skin. So this is why I will be writting about some body creams/balms/lotions that I love in the following few weeks.

We will start with Elemis Pro-Collagen Body Cream.

It is one of the most expensive creams (£49.00/$90 for 200 ml  at Timetospa)  I have used so I was expecting a lot from it. And it does stand up to what is promised!

 So what is promised?

‘Designed with lattice technology to help restore surface cell cohesion, promote intercellular communication and reinforce skin’s natural moisturisation factor.  Helps to smooth out crepey skin texture, deeply hydrates, improves skin contours. The result is a beautifully smooth, luminous and firmer looking body.’

 Key ingredients:  Pro-Collagen marine extract padina pavonica, mexican skin tree, amino acids and padina pavonica with exotic babassu, castanha and bilberry seed oils.

Luckily, I don’t have  any problems with skin contours yet so I can’t really make any comments on that but I can tell you about other results. I have been using this cream for over a month and I could definitely see some improvements in my skin condition. The skin does feel silky smooth and hydrated.

The other great thing is that it leaves even my very dry skin moisturized for the whole day. Plus you can dress up just after you’ve applied the cream as it absorbs within seconds.

As if this is not enough, there is also a bonus! This cream contains micro shimmer in it. But it is nothing like the shimmering oil, it looks very delicate and sophisticated. I can’t wait until Spring, I bet it looks amazing in the sun.

Overall, I think this is a great products for women that have dry and mature skin; as well as for everyone else who wants to feel properly pampered.

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