Elemis Skin Brush Review and Photos. Love It

I’ve had this post in drafts for several weeks (if not months) and since today we were talking about Elemis I think that’s the sign for me to write and publish  it finally 😉

I want to tell you about the product that changed my idea about the brushes! I am talking about Elemis Skin Brush!

You can get yours for £18 or for $44 at Nordstorm if you are from the US.

This is how the brush looks like.

pure natural cactus bristle brush

You may think that it’s an ordinary brush  and you can get the same for a much lower price, right? If you – do be sure that you read this review till the end.

This is how the brush looks like on the other side and it’s great because you can take it in hand and you don’t have to be afraid that it will slip out of it.

It also has a holder which is amazing and really long as you can see from the photo so you can reach all you body. And there are so many more amazing things about this brush!

First of all I really like the quality of it, the wood smells amazing and the bristles are also fine. I’ve been using this brush for several months now and although you can actually see that it’s not new anymore, everything is in its place. And several cheaper brushes I’ve had before looked horrible at this time.

And the best part?

It’s the best thing for exfoliation ever! The skin feel so smooth and in tonus after this brush, I totally love it. It really improves the blood circulation and helps fighting with cellulite much better than most of the creams (but you can use them after the brush).

The bristles are very firm so be sure that you control the pressure, some may find it a bit too hard but I find it effective. My skin is sensitive but I never had any irritations after using this brush.

This is how the brush and the handle work together

I believe you can use it on the dry skin as well but I usually use it in the shower. Elemis promises ” Body brushing daily increases circulation, improves metabolism, eliminates dead skin cells and helps the body’s natural detoxification process.”

And you know what?! This is exactly what I can see for myself and now I understand why this brush has won several beauty awards. It is so worth getting it!

The only one bad thing about it – your family may want to take it from you. I’ve warned you 😉

Available from Nordstrom and Feel Unique

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