Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath Review. Love It

I like writing about the products that I really love. And today I am going to write about one of them. And I am talking about Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath.

Now I just like how it is described:

“Highly acclaimed, this Luxury Milk Bath has a unique formula that captures the essence of Cleopatra’s ancient bathing ritual. Its milk protein base is rich in nourishing vitamins, amino acids and minerals. Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath contains natural plant collagen from Oat Extract and Japanese Camellia Oil to feed the skin whilst keeping it soft and supple. Skin Nourishing Milk Bath is excellent for irritated, sensitive and excessively dry skin conditions.”

And now some of my thoughts:

I visit dermatologist quite often because I have very dry skin. I actually have to live near the sea all the time to have better skin but we will skip this part… So she recommended me to add milk and a spoon of olive oil in my bath to make  the condition of my skin a bit better. I say a bit because, unfortunately, there is nothing than can be done here, I’ve had this problem all my life.

I was very happy to discover this Milk Bath by Elemis which smells divine and  which is a pleasure to take a bath with. My skin was smoother and softer after such baths but I really wanted the effect to last longer ( If you don’t have such problem as I do, and I know that a very small % of people have the same problem as I do, the effect will be much better on you).

So I’ve tried to apply it directly on my skin.  Yes, you read that correctly! I applied the Milk Bath on my skin! But I would never come up with something like this myself, it was actually written on the bottle. And guess what? I really did love the effect after the baths with this products but after applying the Milk Bath on my skin directly – I was truly impressed! Very few products had such effect on my skin: it was much softer and it was moisturised for several hours. My skin absorbs even the body  oil in minutes and already feels dry after a short time so I guess you can see why I am so impressed!

Anyway, I would really recommend you this product as it works even for me.

The price is £39 for 400ml which is not the cheapest product but it is worth it. Besides it is an award winning product!

If you are not ready to buy the full size of Milk Bath –  Elemis often has great value sets and even now you can get (at timetospa) the Special Edition 500ml for £29 while the oricinal price  £49!

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