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Ellis Faas Hot Lips Review and Swatches L406 and L408. Rave

I already did a preview of the  Ellis Faas Hot Lips, and here I have two (out of nine) shades to show you.

They come in a hot pink packaging which is similar to the shade on the model’s face from the promo.

Inside you get a signature Ellis “bullet” packaging.

But what about the product itself, what is so special abut this new formula?

Let me tell you – amazing!

You get an uber pigmented  and  very long lasting lip product (liquid lipstick? hybrid of a gloss and stain?).  You literally need the tiniest amount to get a full-on colour that applies evenly and  smoothly.  And it stays on for hours, survives teas and snacks, you will only need to re-apply if you had a greasy dinner.

I also like the fact that it doesn’t feel dry or heavy on the lips.

Hot Lips are perfection in a tube, I honestly can’t think of anything I’d dislike, definitely the best lip product I’ve tried in a long time.

I love Ellis’  Creamy Lips, but Hot Lips are even better, if that is possible.

The shades that I was given are L406, Rose Violet and L408 Baby Pink. 

I have been wearing L406 almost every day ever since I’ve got it. And L408 looks like a beautiful colour for SS.

The price is  is €25 / £22 / $35 and I would definitely recommend these!

You can also buy it from Selfridges and Net a Porter.

I will try to post lip swatches at some point, too.

By the way, I did an interview with Ellis, and I am very excited to share it in the future!

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