Ellis Faas Lights in E301, E303 and E305 Review and Swatches. Rave

Do you remember my post about Ellis Faas Lights?  Now that I have 3 shades out of 5 I would like to tell you my impression.

First of all just look at the design, it looks amazing to me, absolutely unique and I really like this elegant and sophisticated  futuristic silver. Let me tell you that people, both women and men, always ask me about  Ellis products when they see them.

Although the design is the same there are labels on on each product which won’t come off so you can actually see what colour you are reaching for.

Each Light has this brush which you can use straight on your eyes I guess, but I still use it with my brushes.

So the shades that I have are: E301 (warm silver), E303( bronze) and E305 (holographic Bordeaux). Let me tell you that I absolutely love all the shades and I’ve added the E302(gold) and E304(lilac) to my never-ending  wish list because I do believe it is worth getting them all! After reading this post you will understand why.

Let me start with the colours…

They are absolutely beautiful, silver and bronze are like true  metals and as for E305 it’s a beautiful and duo chrome colour which I like a lot. One of the reason why I like it is because the colour of my dress for the school prom was the same. I really liked the colour back then but I had no idea how to call it. Now I know that it was holographic Bordeaux 🙂

What about the textures?

Lihgts have a very creamy texture. The problem with some cream eye products is that they look different once they are dry. It’s not the same here, the shade is the same when it’s just applied and when it’s dry.

How to apply Lights?

I personally put some product on my hand and use it with the other brushes but you can use it the  way you like. But there is one thing that you should remember – blend it as fast as you can! Also if you want to add some other shadows to the corner of your eyes – do it as soon as you can as well. Because once the  Lights are set – they are set. I mean it. And when you start blending or adding the other eye shadows  you’ll just start taking them off.

What’s so good about this product?

As I said , once it’s set – it’s set! I hardly use any kind of  eye primers  because my skin is not oily and the eye shadows don’t crease. So I don’t wear any kind of primer with the Lights and let me tell you that it stays on for the whole day. And by day I don’t mean your working hours, I mean up to 15 hours, I am sure they would stay on for a longer time but I just had to go to bed.

The other thing that I like is that, although they stay on forever, it’s very easy to remove them and you don’t have  to rub your eyes for ages, it comes off very fast!

day light and electric light with a flash

Final Thoughts

This products is absolutely amazing, I love everything about it. Probably the only thing that may stop you from purchasing it –  the price which is €32/£25/$42 but I believe that it is better to have 1 excellent product than 3-4 average (or bad), don’t you agree?

The swatches of the Lights on the Ellis Faas Website are pretty accurate so you can get get a products based on them. I really love all the shades but if you can get only one and want the “safest” shade – you should probably get the E303 which is a bronze and which should look nice on a lot of skin tones.

I really hope that Ellis Faas will come out with more Lights in the future as they are absolutely amazing.

You can buy Ellis Faas from Selfridges and Net-a-Porter,

14 thoughts on “Ellis Faas Lights in E301, E303 and E305 Review and Swatches. Rave”

  1. I swatched these just the other day and your review is spot on. These are incredible – great shades and great long-wearing formula. They set in seconds and don’t budge! I really wanted the bronze shade but since I’d already splurged that day, I held back.

  2. I have really wanted Holographic Bordeaux and now that I see your swatches, I want it even more! It totally looks like a cream version of MAC’s Club Eyeshadow.

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