Ellis Faas On The Edge Of Beauty Book

Wow, this is something to get really excited about. Makeup book from Ellis Faas ! She is a genius so this must be a real eye candy.

Ellis Faas  On The Edge Of Beauty Book

I love how this book is described, so I will just leave you with the official promo release:

“It is typical of the art of ellis faas to question and destabilise the rules and expectations of the beauty industry, to explore definitions and push boundaries of beauty.
While adopting traditional tools and techniques of the trade, she attempts to transcend the industry’s restrictions, the idealised sense of perfection and the tendency towards global uniformity.
To this end she makes use, in turn, of visual exaggeration, irony, surrealism, distortion and fantasy. By investigating the relationship between the everyday and the extraordinary, she creates her own spectacular vision that casts a new light on the familiar, established aesthetics.
The 64-page book on the edge of beauty presents an example of ellis faas’ multifaceted work as a make up expert and artist; an audacious and imaginative visual adventure, that challenges the status quo, sparks creativity, and provides inspiration on the daring and innovative world of beauty.”

The retail price is € 17.50 / US$ 20 / £ 13. It will be available from 29th March. (or 28th at the makeup show Los Angeles).
By the way, here are all my posts about Ellis Faas if you want to know more about her and the brand.

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