Empties: Body Creams. SVR, Soap and Glory, Kneipp

Body cream is probably the product that I go through the quickest, and I have quite a few in  “Empties” saved stories on my Instagram. Recently I’ve used up three more so thought I would share my thoughts.

Soap &  Glory The Righteous Butter, £10 from Boots/Amazon

I really love S&G’s quirkiness, the names, the description of the products, and the affordable prices, it ticks all the boxes. And while I do not like pink colour at all, it just works for the brand.  As for the cream, my favourite thing was the scent, so addictive. It reminds me of Miss Dior, by the way. I loved using this cream in summer, as for my very dry skin it was not enough in winter. The texture and the formula were lovely and easy to apply.

Who will love it: fans of heavily scented products; those who appreciate a good sense of humour.


Kneipp Lavender Body Lotion Relaxing, $18 from Amazon

I really like Kneipp bath oils and salts, so was hoping to  love this body lotion. While it did smell incredible, it was not moisturising enough for my very dry skin. But I suppose it is my fault for getting it, as I do know that lotions are not the best choice for me.  I’ve enjoyed using it before going to bed though as it did help to relax. The fact that my mum got it for, along with another scent from the brand, me made it a bit more special, as well.

Who will love it: fans of natural and vegan products and those who are looking for an evening (relaxing) body lotion.


SVR Xerial 30 Cream, £16(AmazonAmazon UK and Feel Unique).

I have already proclaimed my love for this cream here. It was recommended to me by a dermatologist, and it was the only product that calmed down my irritated skin during the colder months. I am definitely getting a 10 [lighter] version for the Spring/Summer. While I am a huge fan of those scented body products, I also have to use something that works, and this does.

Who will love it: people who suffer from extremely dry skip and gave up hope to find something that really works.

Ingredients (white  packaging):

I do have a few body creams in my rotation now (this and this Cowshed, among others), and when I use up some, I really want to try Ameliorate finally. This cream by REN should also be wonderful.

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