Empty Makeup Packages. Do You Keep Them?

I have a very strange habit… Although I don’t have that much free space at home I somehow don’t throw away the packages from a  lot of makeup (not  beauty in general which is important) products.

I don’t have a reasonable explanation for this, I guess I just enjoy looking through them which happens really rarely.

At least I don’t keep all the packages, only some of them. On the picture above the orange box is actually also a box from the Elemis skincare set. I know that I am not the only one with such a strange habit. And I read  that some people do the same and I know that some of my friends do it. But why? We struggle with finding space for the makeup but we still keep the empty packages, it’s senseless but true…

Do you keep some of your makeup packages? If you do – can you share why?

This is kind of ridiculous but I just can’t help it. Or, can I, after all?!

10 thoughts on “Empty Makeup Packages. Do You Keep Them?”

  1. weird,.. hehe well, i can´t do that ´cause i don´t have much space. I only keep the envelopes of the products i care about, just to buy the same when it finnished… but nor other reason.

    The only envelopes i do keep, are medicaments for obvious reasons 🙂

    God luck with your envelope reasearch !!

  2. I generally don’t. Some I keep because they were LE and I want to have them, but then I keep the product in them. Otherwise I keep them for a bit so I can read the bla bla on it, then I toss. My makeup takes up enough room already!

  3. I keep the pretty packaging too, they are so beautiful I can’t recycle them! Luckily I get easily bored so after some time I clean up my drawers from the older ones.

  4. I don’t keep the packaging separately, but I rarely throw it out, I just keep the products in their boxes. Lipsticks, lipglosses and mascaras packaging I usually toss, unless it’s a limited edition one like Mac’s Liberty of London or Venomous Villains. I often find it’s easier to store products in their packaging too, like Mac MSFs and blushes, because the boxes are square and stack much better than the round compacts with the domed lid. That’s my reasoning anyway… 🙂

  5. I keep some of them, mostly Benefit’s boxes because they’re just too cute! But recently I cleared most of them while I was making a spring cleanup through my makeup

  6. I guess im a strange one i keep some but not all. And to me when its in its box it still seems like new to me.
    And new makeup is a fantastic feeling 🙂 Having said that i have just put my mac quads in a little wicker basket and had to take one out the box to make it fit. I thought if i can see my quads and whats in them,i might use them more.

  7. I have this problem once in a while. Then when it gets real bad I part with them. I have some I need to part with right now.

  8. well I just started out with my makeup collection and I do keep all the packaging separately.. dunno when I’m gonna tossed them tho hehe 🙂

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