Espana Colletion by OPI. Fall 2009

The OPI Coleccion De Espana features the colors of passion. The OPI Coleccion De Espana features nail polish colors that are full of drama. Try the OPI Coleccion De Espana . . . an accessory to the season’s perfectly polished fashion.

Dark and mysterious with fiery passion, the latest collection from OPI celebrates the drama of Flamenco, the excitement of the bull fight and the beauty of a country rich in art and culture. In the evening, plazas fill with Spanish beauties to see and be seen, stopping at outdoor café’s to share the Tapas and Sangria. It captures the warmth and complexity of Spain from Barcelona to Madrid to Seville.

espana fall 2009 collection opi

There are 12 colors in this collection

  1. Barefoot in Barcelona
  2. Can You Tapas This?
  3. Give Me Moor!
  4. Pink Flamenco
  5. No Spain No Gain
  6. Ate Berries in the Canaries
  7. Suzi Skis in the Pyrenees
  8. Here Today… Aragon Tomorrow
  9. Manicurist of Seville
  10. Pamplona Purple
  11. Conquistadorable Color
  12. Bullish on OPI.

OPI_Espana fall 2009

OPI_Espana_fall 2009jpg

You can see check out all the swatches here

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