Essie Resort, Opi Summer Flutter and Shrek Forever After Collections for Summer 2010

This week I was looking for the perfect nail polishes everywhere. I found some shades that I loved and HAD to buy them 😉 When I came home I wanted to find out what new collections  we will see this summer  and wanted to share it with you of course !

So here we go:

Opi Summer Flutter


  1. Wing It!
  2. Catch Me in Your Net
  3. Flower-to-Flower
  4. Flit a Bit

Amazing promo picture but I am afraid that I like only the orange shade.

Essie Resort

Beach bound jetsetters can now reach the pinnacle of resort-inspired style with this newest limited-edition collection by essie. The Resort Collection was created to mimic the sights and sounds of the world’s most exotic destinations. The four colors are must-have accessories for any tropical vacation and the only escape for your hands and feet that doesn’t require a passport.

  1. Lapis Of Luxury – a dreamy ocean blue
  2. Splash Of Grenadine – a playful magenta pink

  3. Playa Del Platinum – an elegant and sheer sandy gray
  4. Turquoise & Caicos – a flirty and pretty tropical aqua

There a lot of swatches of this collection at different nail polish blogs  already.

Opi Shrek Forever After

  1. Funky Donkey – what could be funnier than this dark purple?
  2. What’s with the Cattitude – a bit arrogant blue
  3. Rumple’s Wiggin ‘- lavender this is a keeper
  4. Shrek The Who Are You? – A brilliant green color that stands for something
  5. Ogre-the-Top Blue – the biggest, best ever bright blue
  6. Fiercely Fiona – green you should not make jokes about

My friend Tavia has all the details about the Shrek collection and the information above is also from her blog.

So what do you think? What colours do you plan to wear this Spring/Summer? I am all about coral, lime, yellow and turquoise.

5 thoughts on “Essie Resort, Opi Summer Flutter and Shrek Forever After Collections for Summer 2010”

  1. Hi Marina!
    I cannot see any posts’ texts under the ‘cut’. Can’t get if it’s my connection problem or they just disappeared because of some tech problems?

  2. Tavia,
    Thank you for sharing with us 😉

    I am sorry to hear that but I don’t have such problem, will have to ask others. Please let me know how it works out for you!

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