Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme in Precious Jade and Silver Leaf Review and Swatches

I LOVE cream eye shadows and I can never have enough!  I’ve realized that I never wrote about the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place ShadowCreme eye shadows which I got a long time ago, although I promised to. So here we go!

First of all I have to say that I really love that EL has  a lot of different shades so everyone can pick something according to their taste.  So I’ve picked up 2 shades:  light green and silvery-grey.

This is how the design looks like:

The shadows I’ve picked are called Precious Jade and Silver Leaf (I am afraid it was a LE). I have to say that both colours are really beautiful.  This is how is how they look like in the jar.

I like these shadows as well as I like everything from the Double Wear series from Estee Lauder (review and swatches of the foundation). Although these are not my most favourite cream eye shadows, they are great!

The shades are beautiful and the pigmentation is nice and you get the same shade on your eye lids as the one in the jar. Also you get a lot of product so these will last forever. I’ve been using mine a lot and as you can tell from the picture they are barely touched.

These eye shadows stay on for a long time and they don’t crease on me (my skin is not oily at all). And they  also stayed on pretty well on  other people with oily lids.

I didn’t have any problems with layering and adding powder eye shadows on top. The product  remains on my eye lids during all day.

Also it’s not a problem to use these shadows with your finger. Just add some shadows, mascara and you are good to go!

And this is how they look swatched. And I think Silver Leaf would look gorgeous on almost everyone because it’s such a beautiful shade. As for Precious Jade it’s also a very lovely shade and it doesn’t look too bright on the eyes so you can give it a try even if you are a fan of neutrals.

The price is£15/$17.5

Anyway, if I am looking for colourful cream eye shadows I’d probably choose from Estee Lauder. I love Benefit’s Creaseless Cream eye shadows the best but they have a very limited amount of shades.

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  1. Why is everything so much cheaper in the US? WHY?! 😡 😀

    Anyway, as long as something is called Jade – it’s my color! 😀 I haven’t actually tried these, but will try them the next time I visit Sephora 🙂

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