Estee Lauder Mad Men Beauty Collection 2013

I’ll use any excuse to talk about Game Of Thrones or Mad Men!

Raise your hand who is excited for Mad Men season 6 and Game Of Thrones season 3, too?!

Speaking of Mad Men, Estee Lauder brought out a new Mad Men collection to celebrate the new season, let’s take a look.

But first of all, here are the official Mad Men season 6  promo photos.

Estee Lauder did a Mad Men collection last year, as well.

This year the  brand offers us:

  • Mad Men Rich Lipstick in Pinkadelic, £26/$30
  • Mad Men See Through Blush in Light Show, £48/$50
  • Mad Men Nail Lacquer in Pink Paisley, £20/$24

I really love the lipstick and the blush, the nail polish is just not my style but can totally see a lot of ladies going crazy for it.

And here is a little bonus photo of Don and Megan…

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