Everything You Should Know Before Having Laser Hair Removal Performed

I have already shared some of my tips on how to get summer ready beauty wise, as cliche as it sounds, and today I wanted to concentrate on a laser hair removal.

I have been meaning to try laser hair removal for years, and finally started in February. I will be happy to share my experience in the future, as it has been my 5th session last week but for now I would like to share some tipsĀ  in collaboration with Ny Laser Outlet.

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Have you heard about laser hair removal? Are you considering trying it because you are tired of shaving or waxing? Before you do, you should have a full understanding of the process, including whether you are eligible for it or not. Here’s everything you should know before having laser hair removal performed on your body.

Can You Have Laser Hair Removal at All?
The short answer is yes, you probably can have laser hair removal done. However, there are some exceptions. First, you must understand that most lasers are designed to work best on people with light colored skin. That is because they are designed to work by zeroing in on dark areas against light backgrounds. Those dark areas are the hairs. However, if you have dark skin, ND Yag and other types of lasers may still work for you. You have to consult your local skincare clinician to have your skin assessed and talk over your treatment options.

Having your skin treated with lasers may also be riskier if your skin is too oily. That is because laser medical device for hair removal use both light and heat. The heat can heat your skin oils, causing burn risks. Additionally, some lasers can cause discolored patches on your skin, if your skin is dark. That is because dark skin has more melanin, which gives it its color. Lasers can disrupt the melanin in your cells. Therefore, a consultation is all the more important before you have a laser treatment.

Does Where the Hair is Impact Whether Lasers Can be Used?
The area of your body you wish to treat can also impact your candidacy for hair removal. In general lasers can be used on most parts of your body. However, hairs on your face will only typically respond well to laser treatment if they are dark. Additionally, lasers cannot be used too close to your eyes or any bodily openings. For example, you cannot remove ear or nose hairs with lasers.

Aside from those limitations, lasers can be used almost anywhere on your body. They are especially useful for treating large areas, such as the back. That is because they work quickly and precisely. Certain other hair removal techniques, like electrolysis, cannot be used to remove many hairs at once.

How Soon Can You Expect Hairs to Fall Out After Treatment
One of the myths about laser treatment for hair removal is the hairs will fall out as the treatment is being performed. In reality, you will see no difference immediately after the treatment. It may take up to two weeks after treatment for the hairs to fall out. Also, having multiple treatments will help to weaken the hairs and give you better results. Those treatments are usually spread out at approximately four intervals

Does Laser Hair Removal Always Work?
Laser hair removal does not always work for all people. However, trained clinicians can help you figure out how likely they are to work for you. You must also understand that regrowth rates vary. It can take a while for hair to grow back after treatment, but some of it most likely will eventually. Sometimes that process takes weeks or months. But eventually you may need further treatments or light at-home maintenance in the form of such self-treatments as shaving.

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