Extra Hair Care: Vinegar and Scalp Massager

Back in the days my hair care routine was washing my hair with a high street shampoo. That was it. Literally. I did not even own a hair brush. Yes, I am not exaggerating.  But we are talking like 15 years ago. My brother was always very unimpressed, and was telling me to change things for years, and gradually I’ve started investing time, effort and money, ahem, in my routine. And it really pays off. I even took vitamins!I do get compliments for my hair these days but, most importantly, I am pleased with the way it looks myself.

As you would imagine, now my routine is quite extensive. And while there are still a few products that I want (like this Aquis (Amazon/ Amazon UK) hair turban which is supposed to be amazing!), I am pretty pleased with everything I am using, and should probably write about it at some point.

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But  today I want to tell you about two things that I’ve added to my routine recently. They are both very extra but I really like them.

I’ve been reading about how good vinegar is for your hair for ages but quite frankly I did not want to use the regular apple vinegar when there are “special” ones on the market. Yves Rocher Raspberry Rinsing Vinegar (Amazon/ Amazon UK)is a favourite of a lot of women and rightly so. It smells so incredible that I want to drink it, it does not leave any vinegar-y scent lingering, and, most importantly it does what is promised! And that is shiny glossy finish. Dreamy! You just leave it on for 2-3 minutes and then rinse it off. I am not using conditioners, and never will so this is a great alternative for me.


I also am loving this little gem that is Freatech scalp massager (Amazon and Amazon UK). There are people that absolutely hate when someone is touching their hair, I am the opposite. I would go to see my hair dresser every day if I had the time and money for that  hair wash/scalp massage. Or I would make the husband do it but he found his way out and got me this lill’ scalp massager. And it is amazing, soft silicone “bristles” do not hurt the scalp but gently massage it. This “gadget” promotes blood circulation, exfoliates and cleans the scalp. And don’t forget the anti-stress effect.

I am an addict, and it was very affordable, too.  So if you want to treat yourself – I’d recommend. I think it is about the little things in life, and if it helps you to relax it is a winner, in my book.

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