Extreme Orient Collection by Chanel

Take a look at the new collection Extreme Orient by Chanel which will be available in May exclusively in Chanel boutique. For the mini-collection, Peter Phillips was  inspired by  Terracotta Army that was found in the Chinese city of Xi’an.


Ligne et ombre de Chanel, €40

  • 420 Jet-Gold

Gold eyeshadow combined with a black cake eyeliner.


Le Vernis, €25

    Le Vernis, €25

    1. 430  Black Velvet – deep, intense, velvety black (not matte and not shiny)
    2. 440 Gold Lame , gold
    3. 450 Illusion d’Or – white lacquer with gold and purple / blue glitter

    By the way, have you seen the Chanel Paris – Shanghai show where this makaeup was used? You should check it out. It was amazing! ( I saw the video ) But here is just the idea of how the collection looks like.



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