Eye Makeup Products Under £20 I Love: Mascara and Eye Liner

Long time readers know that I love my high-end eye makeup products. I have never been able to find anything from the high street which I would love as much.

But I’ve set myself an “under £20” target this time. And here are the results: two products under £20 which I really love.

Eye liner and a lot of mascara is my go to look, you can see it here.

Iconic London Triple Threat Mascara, £19 from Cult Beauty

I am personally not a fan of barely-there-natural-looking types of mascaras. I may, as well, not use one at all. Drama is what I am after. Preferably only when it comes to my lashes, thank you very much. And this Iconic mascara totally delivers: you get fuller looking, extremely long and dark lashes. The formula does not smudge on me and feels pretty much weightless. I also like the packaging!

Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Eye Liner, £16 from John Lewis

Not just a cool name but also a brilliant performance. I’ve bought this eye liner in October, and it is still going strong. My favourite kind of tip, glossy black ink which doesn’t drag or pull, and long-staying power. I’d say, this is a wonderful result for just £16.

Here it is in the middle, the first one is my all time favourite byTerry liner, and the one on the right is by Soap and Glory, which is a good one for the price.

As you can see, I am very pleased with both finds, and I am not mad at them both being £35.

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