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Fall 2013 New Fragrance Launches: Rouge Bunny Rouge and Jo Loves

I already shared my impression about the original Rouge Bunny Rouge Fragrances but I am actually even more excited about their new collection –  Provenance Tales.

There are three fragrances which come in beautiful dark glassed bottles and are marketed as unisex.  That is right up my street!


“Born from the joy of preternatural harmonies and infused with the forest’s mantle of wisdom and calm, Silvan blissfully simmers on the skin, being smoothly melded and beautifully refined. ”

Notes: aromatic juniper berries, sparkling grapefruit,  guaiac wood, smoky incense,  vibrant black pepper, patchouli, cedarwood.


“Flooding throughout the fragrance with the fizz and hiss of escaping vapour, Cynefin unexpectedly draws back the veil of the everyday to bestow an overwhelming sense of joy. ”

Notes: Davana’s chameleon-like balsamic, green and herbal tones, camphor and peppery angelica, sweetly vibrant lavender, soft Nappa leather from crushed violet, sensual musks, amber.


“When roused by the heat of the skin the eagerly awaiting embers of this modern oriental are ready to leap and burn again, renewed from what it once was to even brighter flame. ”

Notes:  pink pepper, nutmeg and clove,  styrax,  labdanum, sandalwood,  Peru balsam’s seductive billows.

As for Jo Loves, their new fragrances are:  A Shot of Muguet & Cedar, A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas and  N0. 42 The Flower Shop. Which one are you most excited about?

Thanks to BBB for the original images of Jo Loves


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