Look Stylish With Sex and The City 2. Fashion: 80’s are back!

It seems that only those who can’t read don’t know that 80’s  style is back. I guess that each fashion magazine wrote about that.

Yesterday I was watching Devil Wears Prada with my cat 😉 (again). And reading September Vogue issue.This how I got an idea to write this post.

It seems that every fan of 80’s already got a Balmain jacket. I can see them everywhere. So don’t be like everyone. Need inspiration? Then check out some of these photos from Sex And The Ciry Movie 2. You can see our favorite girls Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda bakc at 80’s.

sarah-jessica-parker-80 sjpg

Are you a fan of 80’s?

Are you happy that they are back?

Do you follow the fashion?

Where do you get inspiration?

More photos from SATC 80’s style + all girls together on the set of the SATC 2!

You can check out other photos of SATC 2 80’s here. This photo is also from that source.

SATC girls back at 80’s – here with the discription

SATC girls now – here


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