Favourite Beauty and Not Only Things Of The Week

I should have written this post yesterday but, to tell the truth, I was too lazy busy reading my book and catching up on different series I watch. So it is better late than never, right?

Here are just some things that inspired me this week, both beauty related and not.

But first of all here is a snap of the products that I’ve been loving lately.

I   like this makeup by Pat McGrath for Viktor & Rofl at Paris Fashion Week. This  is actually a bit strange as it is definitely not my type of look but for some reason I really like the pink and white feminine shades and the fairy-like lashes.

I was also very happy about the new  seasons of some of the shows that I am watching, especially about the Desperate Housewives. The name is really stupid but I like the show itself, I like how different they all are and to see how their lives are changing during these eight years. I’ve also started watching the Ringer with Sarah Michelle Gellar.  It is not bad but something is missing, not yet sure what.

Most of my free time right now I spend reading A Song Of Fire and Ice series. I am currently reading the 3rd book and  I  am loving it! I have to admit that I’ve been so impatient to find out about the future of my favourite characters that I had to read some spoilers. And do you  read spoilers?!

Antonia at Swedish Love Affair had a great post about it this week, you can also read my comment.

 Now I would really love to chat with you! Are you a fan of ASOFAI? What are your favourite series? What makeup do you love lately?

6 thoughts on “Favourite Beauty and Not Only Things Of The Week”

  1. Thank you very much for the blog love, Marina!
    I’m loving those pink lashes, they look out of this world!:)
    Also, I got myself one of those Maxfactor cream blushes on your advice, and it’s been my favorite ever since! Such a great product!

  2. I’m especially loving Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint lately. I also love the RBR compact in your photo. Is that blush or eye shadow?

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