Favourite Beauty Products of 2010: Skincare

I’ve already written about my favourite makeup products and even nail polishes of 2010 but what about skincare you may ask? The brand of the year for me was definitely Elemis.  All the products that I’ve tried this year were nice and some were just amazing.

I ADORE the Exotic line for the body. The Salt Glow, Frangipani melt and the shower cream are just amazing = perfection. The body lotion (I have a travel size) is nice but it’s not my favourite.  The Milk Bath is divine, you can read about it here.

I dream about the perfume which smells like the moisture melt and I  was really hoping that the Exotic perfumes smell like it but unfortunately (for me) they don’t. But my Mama is crazy about this scent.

I’ve been also loving Elemis face care products. I already posted about their Skin Brilliance set so you can read here all the details. I’ve also posted about the Exotic Cream Moisturizing Mask. Besides that I’ve been liking the eye cream. In 2011 I want to try one of their peels or exfoliators.

And of course I had to mention Elemis body brush which is absolutely brilliant! Read my review here.

And what skincare did you like in 2010?

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