Favourite Beauty Products of 2012: Body Care

Today it’s time for part three of my 2012 beauty favourites and it’s all about body care and, I think, regular readers won’t be surprised by any of my picks. Especially considering that most of the products are from my favourite skincare brands.


Cowshed Soaps

For some reason in 2012 I’ve started using soaps instead of shower gels. Long gone are the days when soaps were harsh and  drying, these days you can get some luxurious, creamy ones. I am absolutely in love with the set I’ve bought from Cowshed, would like to try other soaps the brand offers in the future.

 Clarins Toning Body Polisher

Clarins have two body scrubs and I have written about both but my favourite has to be Toning Body Polisher (yellow one). Want to know why? Keep reading.


Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream

2012 was the year of  body creams, I don’t think I ever had so many body creams at the same time. But I can easily pick my favourite one, and it’s – Clarins Extra-Firming Body Cream, makes the skin super smooth and soft and smells amazing, among other things.

Elemis Pro-Radiance Hand Cream

I am a hand cream maniac,  have them everywhere and have tried so many… But I think this one is my favourite, I am still using my first tube but I am definitely re-purchasing! More details about it.

Elemis Treat Your Feet Foot Cream

My favourite foot cream has to be from Elemis, as well. Not only it is very effective but smells divine, the second tube is the proof of my love.

I also have to mention oils for body/bath that I’ve been enjoying in 2012, looking forward to trying more this year.

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  1. oooh I love Clarins!!! I have never tried their body lotions I mainly use make up and facial moisturising products so I may have to give these a go!!! ashly xxxx

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