Favourite Beauty Products of 2018

Since I already posted about my favourite makeup products of 2018, it is time for beauty!


I am in my (early) 30s, and I have very dry skin which requires a lot of attention so I take my skincare seriously.  I am aware that all of the products I am going to mention are high end but every single one works incredible for my skin, and  none was a press sample, which proves that I do have a very high opinion about them and am ready to invest.

SARAH CHAPMAN Ultimate Cleanse (from Net A Porter, Cult Beauty and  Space NK).

I do not care for celebrities, unless it is Victoria Beckham, and very few other  ones in which case, I pay very close attention to her/their beauty recommendations. In fact,  someone I know who works for a big beauty brand told me that the Beckhams are among very few celebs who offer to pay for the samples they are sent. I’ve had very high expectations for this cleanser (and yes, partly because Mrs. B loves it), and it did not disappoint. Everything about the Ultimate Cleanse is pure luxury: from the packaging to the formula. Rich texture makes it easy to massage in, you get that at-home-spa feeling. And the result are fab! Clean and glowing skin without any tightness.  There is only one problem, now I want everything from the brand.

Anne Semonin Precious Serum  (from Harrods and  Net a Porter).

This is  very pricey product but after reading the most glorious reviews ( and waiting when there was a sale) I had to get it. And, seriously, this serum is truly precious.  Anne Semonin  promise that it will  “revitalize and detoxify fatigued, lifeless skin”, and it is exactly what it does.  A few drops in the evening, and you wake up with a glowing, smooth and radiant complexion, and I am not exaggerating.  And I personally am obsessed with the scent which is  rosewoo and  lavender.

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OMOROVICZA Illuminating Moisturiser ( from Cult Beauty,  Space NK,
There had to be at least one product from Omorovicza.  I could just say that I bloody love this cream, and that I am on my second bottle but I suppose I should be more specific.  Just like the Anne Semonin serum, this cream gives instant visible results.  It is light but incredible hydrating, it softens and smooths the skin and, yes, makes it glow. Illuminating is the best name for this cream.  I will hopefully write a more detailed review soon but so far I can say that I never want to be without it.  I would recommend getting a sample at the counter and trying it for yourself. They recommend this cream for dry and normal skin, by the way.
Darphin Ideal Resource Overnight Cream Anti-ageing Perfecting Skincare Treatment (from  Space Nk and Nordstrom).
 My husband got me this cream actually without me ever mentioning it. He said that he  wanted to surprise me, read the reviews online, and this one had fantastic ones. And it is incredible. I love Darphin skincare in general, and this is not an exception.  Very light texture but at the same time incredibly hydrating and  pleasant on the skin. Apparently, it  is “working to remove dead skin cells,  helps to  create clearer skin that is imbued with a natural radiance”. Can you notice a theme here? Yes, I am all for glowy and radiant skin.


Jo Malone Red Roses Cologne (as seen here).

This is not a surprise for anyone, right? Red Roses will be a favourite all the time. I love this jam-like nanna scent, and I mean it in the best possible way.

Labo Rose 31  (from Nordstrom,Cult Beauty and Barneys).

This was my wedding perfume. And I really love it. I am not good at describing fragrances so I will just leave the official description.”The central note of Centifolia rose is combined with warm and spicy cedar, vetiver, musks and guaiac wood to create an addictive unisex fragrance that lingers on your skin beautifully”.

 Olivia Garden Ceramic + Ion Supreme Hair Brush (from Amazon and Amazon UK)

I am still loving this Olivia Garden  brush, my hair is a lot longer now, and it helps me to keep it in a good condition. Now that I am brushing my hair twice a day, I have an impression that it does look a lot nicer.

ORLY Rich Renewal Pucker Cream

I did not expect much from this cream, I’ve got it purely because it said that it works for hands, feet and body. But I was actually blown away, and that comes from someone who goes through body creams like there is no tomorrow.  I’ve found Rich Renewal  to be really hydrating, as the name suggests, and smoothing. I’ve used it up before winter so don’t know if it would be enough for my skin in colder weather but for SS it worked incredible.  While this was not my favouite scent ever (papaya & red grapefruit.), I think most people would like it. But there are also other scents from Orly.

I also have to give an honourable mention to my Liberty London Advent beauty calendar  which is definitely a favourite!


Dior Le Vernis in  754 Dior Pandore  (review)

The best luxury nail polish formula, in my opinion!  Gorgeous colour, nice wide brush, glossy finish and long-lasting results. I’ve used  Pandore until there was nothing left (or  more like until the remaining polish dried out and became gloopy). This bright fiery red instantly improved my mood and made me feel incredible. Yes, nail polish can totally do that! I’ve bought a new one from Givenchy to replace it so will report back.

Mavala Extra-Mild Nail Polish Remover (review)

Yes, I really am including a nail varnish remover in my favourites. It is the best darn thing ever! Very mild, non stinky, and does not leave the nails all weak and brittle. I’ve bought it after reading good reviews, and it could totally understand why people love it so much.

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