Favourite Blush: Chanel Joues Contraste in Orchid Rose Review and Cheek Swatches

Today I want to show you my ultimate blush love. These days I hardly use any powder blushes on myself but I still love my Chanel Orchid Rose and I use it a lot.

I have quite a few blushes and I love them all but when I got this blush about 2 years ago I forgot about all of them. I’ve been using Orchid Rose every single day!

This is how it looks like in the pan

And this is how it looks like on my hand. I really like the sales assistant who is working at my local Chanel counter and he told me that if you want to try Chanel’s Joues Contraste and can get only one – you should go for Orchid Rose because it looks nice on almost all the skin tones.

I rarely post photos of myself but today I want to show you how this blush looks like on my face

I think it’s lovely. The price of the blush is £29 or  $42 and it’s a great value for the product that will last you for ages.

It is not a matte blush, it has some fine shimmer to it but it looks delicate and sophisticated on the face. You should also know that Joues Contraste is a scented blush but the scent is not heavy at all.

I love everything about this blush from the design to the way it blends on your skin so I highly recommend  it to everyone.

If you want a cool toned blush  – be sure to check out Joues Contraste in  Narcisse which is the other best selling shade.

And what is your favourite powder blush?


  1. This looks very pretty! I only own one JC, it’s Pink Explosion, and it’s probably the only pale pink that looks pretty on me, I absolutely love it. I never really looked at the other chanel blushes available here but if that Orchid Rose is, I definitely need to swatch it.

  2. I love Orchid Rose too! I have been using this blush for ages too. It is expensive, but considering I haven’t bought another one since it speaks volumes!

    Glad to see someone else loves the blush as much as I do.


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