FINALLY I’ve Got You, Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette

Have you ever been after a certain beauty product for a long time?

Today I want to show you the product that I’ve wanted to get myself for Christmas (I actually wanted to get this product ever since I saw the promo photo) but for some reason it was hard to find it. It was sold out in London, couldn’t find it in Manchester, wanted to get it from New York but it didn’t work. And I could go on really…

But finally I’ve managed to get it from California, can you imagine? My friend got it for me from Sephora for $48.

Meet the Bonne Mine palette from Laura Mercier

I don’t think that I ever wanted a makeup product so badly before. Finally my baby is home with me…

I haven’t used the palette yet but I have big hopes for it. I already love the  elegant white design, big handy mirror, the cards with Laura’s tips and the look of the products, of course. I can already imagine the beautiful looks I am going to create with this palette.

It is great to take  with you on holiday, as you don’t really need to take any blushes, bronzers and highlighters with you. You don’t need to, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t though, ha.

I can’t wait to try it out and I will report back my impression.

Oh, and since I was getting this palette from the US, it would be strange to get only one thing, right? So I “accidentally “ picked up some other items, too.

And what beauty purchase made you really excited lately?


4 thoughts on “FINALLY I’ve Got You, Laura Mercier Bonne Mine Palette”

  1. I badly want the Naked palette, but Im dangerously short on cash since Im off work for a whole month.. I just hope it will still be available when I get back to work

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