First Look at Gucci Makeup Line

Regular readers  probably know that I am a huge fan of almost all makeup looks from the latest Gucci fashion shows. In fact, I even did a feature about it.

Also, I like Gucci as a brand,  their products are always chic and sophisticated. This is why I was very exciting when I first heard rumours that Gucci were planning to launch a makeup.

Now we finally do have some details. First of all, the face of the line is a gorgeous Charlotte Casighari, which is not surprising at all, considering that she already works with the brand, and, in  my opinion, fits perfectly.

charlotte casiraghi  GUCCI advertisingThis is not   a beauty campaign shot, obviously.

So what about the makeup itself? Here is how it looks like!

Gucci makeup line first look fall 2014The source of the photo is WWD

So what do you think?

I really love the look of the round pot, it looks exactly as I’ve hoped it would look. But, as for the lipstick and nail polish design – I don’t like it at all, at least not on this photo.  I wish there were less Gucci logos, they make the design too overwhelming…

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the details  about the line. I am hoping for a nice blusher range, with a single GG logo!

The line should be available from September. Bring it on!


1 thought on “First Look at Gucci Makeup Line”

  1. I was very excited about this line, but these pictures don’t impress me much. I agree with you on the logo, it is overwhelming, and gives the products an old-fashioned vibe. Hopefully, the packaging will look better in real life.

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