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Regular readers often ask me for more personal updates – and you can actually follow me on Instagram for that.  I don’t really post there news or any stock images, but rather those things that I like and enjoy. I have been always forgetting about it but now I post regularly 🙂

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I hope you are having an amazing weekend  so far! I have been on a mission “Spring Cleaning” – cleaning out everything, I have bags and bags of things that I need to give away to friends or donate. Mostly clothes but I’ve also given away some makeup and other stuff. Clean and de-cluttered living space actually makes a huge difference.

In other news, I’ve also been shopping for new workout gear almost every lunch break this week, and it was a big success, now I only need new trainers, and I am  done. Until I find another nice looking top or leggings. Speaking of leggings, now I understand people who wear them out, I never owned a pair, and now that I have three – just don’t want to take them off. Never.

OK, I am back to sorting out my clothes, listening to Linkin Park, it’s like early 2000’s all over again. I almost feel nostalgic…

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