FoM Botanical Skin Balm Review

Regular readers  probably remember that I have very dry skin, so I was curious about FoM’s (Freshness of Morning) skin balm which I was given to try.

FoM is a natural brand from the UK  which has a nice little selection of luxury products. Their Botanical Skin Balm retails for £24 for 100 ml and comes in a glass jar, which I personally like.

FoM Botanical Skin Balm Review 1

The brand describes their product as  “Nourishing, firming and regenerating; suitable for Dry/Tired/Sensitive skin”. I did not use it for long enough to say anything about the firming or regenerating properties but it is definitely nourishing. Exactly what my dry skin needs!

This is a solid balm and I personally love applying  it after the shower or bath as it melts into the skin easily. And, wow,  it [my skin] does stay moisturized, flakes-free (yes, it is very dry; I have a certain disorder) smooth and soft for hours! And  not that many products are capable of that.

FoM Botanical Skin Balm Review

I personally don’t find the balm greasy or oily and it doesn’t take that long for the skin to absorb the product but if you have normal skin, you may like the brand’s lotion instead.

One  more thing that I like it the scent – it is relatively strong citrusy (mostly) scent and that’s the  way I love my body products.

Here is the list of the ingredients which, by the way, are all listed on the website:

FoM Botanical Skin Balm Review ingredients

So if you like natural niche companies and have dry skin – this is a great product to consider.

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