French & Fabulous Palette by Too Faced. Review and Swatches

French & Fabulous palette ($28.5) was a part of  a  holiday collection by Too Faced but it is still available at their website.  Since I didn’t find anything interesting for myself in their Spring 2010 collection I got this palette and I am very happy  that I did!

Here is what is written about it:

“Become beauty royalty and claim your throne with this majestic Collection of six eye shadows, highlighter and bronzer! This queen’s treasure of Too Faced’s most legendary shades will secure your crown and your place amongst the glamour monarchy!”

Tips and Tricks

1. Intensify your eye color by applying the deeper shades as liner, then smudge color under the eye.

2. Apply the paler shadow shades all over from lash to brow for use as a soft, eye-opening base.

3. Use Shadow Insurance Eye Primer before shadow application to lock in your lid look!

4. Use Pink Leopard Bronzer for a skin-perfecting, illuminated finish.

And this is how the palette looks like inside:

As you can see that there are 2 bronzers and 6 eye shadows. So here is my opinion about them all + swatches.


“Best-Selling Bronzers: Our two most coveted bronzers work with a variety of skin tones to illuminate and bronze.”

Pink Leopard Highlighting Bronzer

Sun Bunny Bronzer

I really love both bronzers, they are amazing! Although Too Faced has a set with 3 bronzers and a brush I wanted to get some of their shadows so this is why I got this set.  Now I understand why these 2 bronzers are bestsellers – they are perfect. The colours are amazing and look they great on the face.  Plus it’s easy to work with them. (sun bunny is darker and pink leopard is lighter)

Single Eyeshadows

Totally Toasted Brown & Totally Toasted Beige

These two are great colours for everyday use and will look nice on everyone.

Poodle Puff Raisin, Poodle Puff Pink, Ooh & Aah

All 3 shades contain silver glitter in it and I can’t say that I like it. I am very careful when I apply my makeup but I still find this silver glitter all over my face. It is ok when I use Poodle Puff Pink and Ooh & Aah but prepare to get lots of glitter when you use Poodle Puff Raisin.

Mess In A Dress

Hot bright pink. I can’t believe that I am  saying this but I absolutely loved this colour and even created some amazing evening looks using it with Ooh & Aah black.

The conclusion

You should  get this palette if you can because you get a  lot for only $28.50 (The value is $85) and this palette has almost everything you need to create an amazing look. Probably the best thing about French  & Fabulous is that it is very small & thin so it’s easy to take it everywhere with you!  I would get their bronzers again (and I am thinking about that) but I am not sure if I’d get the shadows. They are nice but I can’t say that they became my favourite.  Since it’s pretty hard to get Too Faced with a normal price here I’d stick to the shadows that I like and that are easier to find!

I hope you find this review helpful!

Too Faced is available from from Sephora and Debehnams.

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  1. Thank you for comments, girls!
    Lillian, thank you x
    Marce, I can imagine that, I always get lots of things in other countries, too. Have fun shopping!
    Jess, I also have the palette you’ve mentioned and I agree that it is kinda big. But French & Fabulous is perfect for the bag!

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