Fruttini Lime Mint Shower Sorbet With Cooling Effect. Review


What is written:

Cooling care products with lime extract and natural mint oil – the perfect “cooling-off” on hot summer days! The fresh lime and mint fragrance provides energy for the whole day. A rich complex of vitamins and minerals moisturise the skin leaving it smooth and silky. This cooling shower gel  with lime extract  and mint oil, a complex containing the vitamins B, B%, and C and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium, moisturizes the skin and leaves it smooth and silky.

What do I think:

I was told a lot of times that I believe in the things that are said in the commercials. Maybe it is true. But who doesn’t want a cooling mint and lime gel when it’s so hot outside? You can see on  the photo that I’ve used enough of it to have my own opinion. So does it really work? To be honest, I don’t see the effect that is promised. It is a bit cooling but not the result that I expected.  So I just don’t see the point of getting it if you want a cooling effect. Maybe if you just like a lime and mint scent. But I heard that the mist from this collection is really working . I haven’t tried it by myself but if you did do share.

Price: around $8

Would I get it again: I don’t think so

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