Fun Monday: 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Me Before


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Last Monday I made a first post that was called Fun Monday, it was about movies. Why? Well, it’s MY  blog so  a lot of  my readers are asking me questions about my personality, what I like and don’t like etc. So I think this is a nice  idea how  I can share with you things about myself without telling personal information. Also when I read blog of  other person I love finding out about the blogger her(him)self. But not only I want to tell about myself, I want to know more about you all. So I would REALLY love you all, ladies, to write 10 random things about youself, too. I’d really love to read that!

Ok, so here is the list of things about me:

  1. At university I studied culture and arts.
  2. I love and adore my cat Sonya. She is 13.5 years old, we kind of grew up together.
  3. My dad is blonde with green eyes and my mom is brunette with black eyes.  So my eyes are brown with a bit of green and my hair is dark but not as black as my mom’s.
  4. The first makeup brand that I fell in love with was Mary Kay 😀 I had LOTS of their stuff. I still buy some.
  5. When I was a teenager I collected articles and photos of  Spice Girls and  Sarah Michelle Gellar. I used to buy magazines and tear out information that I liked. Sometimes I would make a copy or even print out info from the Web. Crazy, lol. I’m so proud of my collection. I still have it 😀
  6. My favourite colors are black, red, crimson  and scarlett
  7. I love silver rings. I wear at least 7 at one time.
  8. I love Sweden and Finland and Scandinavia in general. I got lots of books about Scandinavian mythology and vikings.
  9. I tried almost every hair color. But I ended all my experiments long time ago 🙂
  10. I would eat sushi every day 🙂 I also like Mexican  food.

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