Fun Monday: Movie Edition.Write Your Own 10 Movie Facts

Hi, ladies! I thought that I should do something that is not connected with makeup for the beginning of a new week. So we can all get some positive emotions and chat a bit 🙂 I really love tests ans polls like 10 things about you,  what song are you etc 😀 This is crazy, I know, but it’s just so much fun. So I want us all to start our week with such nice lill things. Today’s post I want to deducate to movies. So here are my 10 movie facts:




  1. I LOVE Sex and City and Desperate Houseviwes & I can watch them over and over again.How did you like Sex and the City movie? By the way, I read  that second Sex and The City will be filmed in London. Big will have an affair with other woman and and Carrie will leave him.Just at that time she’ll find out that she is waiting for a baby. Don’t know if it’s true, we’ll see.
  2. I’ve seen all Almodovar’s movies.
  3. I usually find all movies of some director and watch them. Next director on my list is Woody Allen.
  4. It’s hard to tell my favourite movie. But I REALLY like Apocalypto by Mel Gibson.
  5. I’m not a big fan of watching movies in the cinema.
  6. Movies that I can’t wait for: new Harry Potter 😀 ;  New Your, I love you; Coco  Avant Chanel.
  7. I think Monica Bellucci is the sexiest  and most beautiful actress of all times!
  8. Although I didn’t like almost every historical movie I’ve seen, I still watch them:)) bwt, I’ve studied history for several years.
  9. I like documentary movies about wonders of the World.  Last month I’ve watched 10 parts of BBC’s project and I loved it!
  10. Last 5 movies that I watched were: Slumdog Millionaire, Vicky Christina Barcelona, The Big Fish, Breakfast At Tiffany and Dogville.  Only Slumdog Millionaire I haven’t seen before.

And what about you, ladies(and not only ladies)?write your own list;)

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