Garnier Bodytonic Moisturising And Firming Lotion Review

garnier bodytonic

What is written

Many women suffer from problems areas, especially around the back of the thighs, hips and bottom – no matter what shape they are. At Garnier we have applied our expertise in natural technology and experience in skin care, to create a range of products to help target these areas and leave skin feeling great.

Is this range right for me?


  • If you have problem areas that need targeted help.
  • If you need extra help around the back of the thighs, hips and bottom.
  • If you want to bare more leg with pride and need a helping hand for more toned looking skin.

Garnier BodyTonic

An expert range to target stubborn areas. Three different formulas enriched with natural ingredients, to help target each body need effectively.

Moisturising and Firming Lotion.

Enriched with Citrus Extract and Caffeine, it helps make your skin feel firmer instantly whilst giving 24 hour moisturisation. The non-greasy formula is a revitalising cocktail for the skin.

What do I think:

I’ve tried a lot of Garnier products and I have to say that I loved almost every! I bought this lotion just because it smells good (fruits) and because I already had such scrub and knew that it’s great. So I wanted to give this lotion a try. I was using Garnier Bodytonic Moisturising And Firming Lotion  in the morning because I think this scent is just great for mornings. All I wanted is a good moisturizer and a good smelling lotion, but what did I get instead? I was surprised by the results. This lotion does firm your skin! It becomes really smooth and  gentle. I totally love the effect it gives!  Of course don’t wait for a miracle if you have great problems and your skin is really flabby. But if you want to get a great scented moisturizer which makes your skin look healthy, firm and gentle – you should give this lotion a try. I would also recommend you their scrub. It’s one of my favorite.

Would I get it again: yes

Rating – 5 out of 5

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