Get 50 % Off at Illamasqua & the The Body Electrics Collection Details

Some items from Illamasqua are on sale now –  50% off! Powder blush, lip glosses, lipstick, eye shadows. It’s a great opportunity to try the brand for those of you who never did.  Also it’s your last chance to try these products (some shades) because they will be replaced by the new collection. If they are replacing that many products just imagine the new collection!

Information about the new Spring-Summer 2010 Collection:

The Body Electrics Collection – a range of products suitable for the body inspired by the power of kinetic energy and fluidity of the body in motion. The range has been designed to ignite the skin with intensity and highlight the body’s every twist and turn to perfection. For those of you who have been salivating for details on the follow up to the cult Dystopia collection and the sexy and evocative Sirens collection we are now igniting your fervout by bringing you a collection that includes two innovative body oils that will add sheen, radiance and an oh-so-delectable shimmer to every skin tone

Do you plan to get anything? I would like to get Outcast cream eye shadow (bright sunshine yellow, satin finish) which is now only £6.85

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