Get It: Selfridges Men’s Grooming Box

Us, women, are often spoiled with great makeup and beauty choices. But I can’t say the same about men. And you don’t necessary have to be a metro to appreciate a good grooming set which is also a good value for money.

Something like the Selfridges Men’s Grooming Box, which I’ve discovered thanks to Jane BritishBeauty Blogger.

Selfridges Men's Grooming BoxI mean how cool does that look? I personally think it’s a great gift. Especially considering that it is only £20 from Selfridges. Plus it is Father’s Day Just around the corner…

So what’s inside?

  •  Scaramouche & Fandango Hydrator,
  • Body Wash and Face Scrub,
  • Triumph and Disaster Shearer’s Soap,
  • GO 247 Texture Paste,
  • Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Cleanser
  •  Molton Brown Black Pepper wash.
  •  Clarins Smooth Shave
  • Comme Des Garςons 2 eau de parfum.

I only wish they’d include something else instead of a perfume and shaving foam, so that International costumers could get it, too. Other than that, it is perfect!

By the way, I’ve sent the link to some of my male friends for the feedback, and it was great.

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