I have posted about  BECCA’s  BALEARIC LOVE collection a long time ago but the good news is that it’s already out finally.

Make sure that you check out BECCA’s Facebook page for photos and swatches.  The products look even more gorgeous than on the promos. And I am very impressed to see such dark and gorgeous nail polishes  from BECCA.

Here are also the details on how you can re-create the stunning makeup from the promo photo:


Prep skin with Radiance Primer followed by Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation for polished skin.


Pat Eye Tint in Romanticism onto the lid with the fingertips.

With Eye Colour Wash Brush #36, apply Eye Colour Powder Demi Matt in Marcella from the Balearic Love palette all over the eye, blending into the crease line and intensifying at the outer edges.

Using Eye Colour Blender Brush #35, sweep Eye Colour Powder in Romal from the same palette over the eyelids beginning at the lash line and stopping at the crease.

Accentuate the inner corners of the eyes with Eye Colour Powder in Atlas.

Rim the top and bottom lash-line with the violet side of Line and Define Pencil in Cabrera then smudge some Eye Colour Powder in Marcella along the bottom lash line for added depth.

Coat top and bottom lashes with multiple lashing of Ultimate Mascara in Black.


Contour the face, blending under the cheekbones into the hollows of the cheeks with Mineral Powder Blush in Bolero using the Retractable Powder Brush.


Generously apply Sheer Tint Lip Colour in Valentina then finish with Lip Plumping Moisture Gloss.


Apply Nail Colour – Pasa Doble, using 2-in-1 Top Coat/Base Coat to prep and finish nails.

10 thoughts on “Get The Look: BECCA BALEARIC LOVE”

  1. Ooh, that palette looks really interesting! I must look to see if it’s out here yet. I keep looking and hoping. Not that I should be looking at eyeshadows but it’s research, right?! Thanks for sharing x

      1. Hello again 🙂 Got my new ‘toys’ recently & am sad to report this is the first time I am very disappointed with my Becca purchases :'( The eye trio colors look nothing like the promo pic. Yes, I am aware Becca cosmetics promo pics are usually slightly off, but to me this time around it is waaaay off! Also I was disappointed with the lip color Valentina, described as a nude pink- in my opinion it is a very loud, bright rose pink! I have a hard time believing that the model in the promo pic is using that color even with clear gloss top off on this color does not tame it down. Grrr…I guess I’m just shocked that I could be so disappointed by Becca, since everything up to this point I have bought from them sight unseen, I have loved and felt like money well spent, but THIS?! Money flushed down the toilet! Even with the Zuneta 20% off code, does not soften the blow of disappointment…..’sigh’…..okay I think I’m done venting, lol
        On the bright side I would say the best thing out of this collection, is the smokey eye set. The eye tint in Romanticism is gorgeous! The eyeliner & mascara are great too. Plus I got the Anniversary palette in Dusty Rose, thank goodness I knew I was gonna love it 😀


        1. Oh no, it’s such a shame about the shades, at least the products have a great quality. Zuneta have posted the video about the collection which I totally forget to watch. Will do it now to see how the colours look like there x

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