ghd V Gold Stylers Review. Rave

Believe it or not, but in the past I was a wash-and-go kind of girl when it came to my hair care and styling routine. But not any more, over the years I’ve bough a lot of nice hair care and styling products.  And now, that my hair is short, I even have styling tools. Like this curling wand and the ghd V Gold Stylers which I can’t live without now. People do change, ha!

ghd V Gold Stylers Review close up

I’ve mentioned the styler in my April favourites and, truth be told, I have been using it all the time ever since.

I love how ghd’s glide smoothly through the hair and straighten really well, it is super fast and easy, I can do it without a mirror even. And that says a lot, as I am not good at styling hair, at all. Although I personally only straighten my hair with these, I know that  others love ghd’s for creating curls and waves, as well (there are lot of tutorials, so you can look up).

Besides being super easy and quick to use,  it is very important that after months of using Gold Stylers, I can’t say that my hair is damaged or in a bad condition. I do try and use heat protective products though. And this is what matters the most, in my opinion.

ghd V Gold Stylers Review rave

There is a reason why most people prefer ghd, you just can’t go wrong. This particular model  feels light (compared to other stylers I’ve used) and looks stylish with black and gold design. It comes in a beautiful box, too.

It is also important to mention that automatic sleep mode is activated if the styler isn’t used for 30 minutes, according to the brand.

You can actually see how my hair looks like after I’ve used the stylers here. And you can buy yours from Look Fantastic and Feel Unique for £119 and it is totally worth the money.

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